I wrote this piece a little while back for another blog that I run – Inclusion at Work.

Inclusion at Work

When Beyoncé premiered Lemonade, Black women and girls around the world declared a collective, “Yasssssss!” We were mesmerized by seeing our faces represented in the film and encouraged when we heard our experiences affirmed in Beyoncé’s lyrics and Warsan Shire’s poetry. 

About a quarter way into the film, I had the epiphany that Lemonade, the album and film, was unapologetically about and dedicated to Black Women. Although she depicted universal themes of love, betrayal, heartbreak, anger, insecurity and confidence, forgiveness, longing for freedom, and empowerment, Beyoncé centered images and narratives of Black women while telling this story. 

Picture Parkwood / via Tidal

Beyoncé did something that most filmmakers in Hollywood either don’t think to do or deliberately intend not to do: she presented Black women’s humanity in all its complexity, history, and beauty. Not only did Beyoncé pledge allegiance to Black women, she presented Black women as…

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