The overarching goal for The TJ Way is to implement my personal mission to identify, teach, and manifest the power of self-revelation. One of the ways I do this is by using my voice, perspective, and experience as a tool of visibility for people whose identities and experiences disrupt social norms. I do not, however, speak for all Black women, all lesbians, all gender nonconforming individuals, all lawyers, all writers, all Chicagoans, all women, or any other identifier.
Identity is not monolithic, and I do not aspire to be the face of any group with which I identify. What I hope to accomplish here, and in every aspect of my professional and personal life, is to illustrate the need for broader consideration and discussion of diversity and inclusion. I aim to encourage readers to acknowledge and express their individuality, creativity, and identity, because doing so is an expression of freedom.

I seek to dismantle stereotypes and notions of the “other.”

In this vein, I present the first part of my January 2015 Look Book. These looks show that there is no one way to express an androgynous, gender nonconforming, or masculine-of-center gender performance. We are multifaceted human beings, and your style and wardrobe should reflect that fluidity.

Style is not just about clothes, shoes, and accessories. Style expresses your identity and creativity. It is another way of showing people who you are.