Sometimes the work of serving others is heart-wrenching, fatigue-inducing, and soul-stripping.  Global Act crashed Chicago and changed the tenor of the work of LGBT activism in an unforgettable way this Wednesday, August 6, 2014, when the organization descended upon Ignite Glass Studios and hosted the most baller activist event I have ever attended.  I was not able to attend the ideation session during the day, in which 150 activists met to discuss, analyze, and plan solutions to problems facing six charities serving Chicago’s gay community, including the non-profit social justice organization that I proudly and humbly serve:  Affinity Community Services.  Unfortunately, I’m almost out of PTO at the gig, so I couldn’t take the day.  But!  I arrived and was immediately wooed by the rooftop dinner, storyteller session, and then MTV Unplugged-esque acoustic concert by Fun.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Fun., bro.  Fun.  Check out my amazing night, in photos.  Click an image for the full gallery.

Here are some of my favorite looks of the amazingly simple, classic, yet modern and kind of sexy style of Fun.

Hope you had as successful and stylish a week as I was blessed to have.