The night after disappointment, tragedy, failure, debilitating anxiety, and loneliness, comes the morning.

The morning after greets you with a sunrise, with smiles and playful nuzzles from your pup, and freshly brewed coffee.  It moistens your skin with dewey precipitation from Lake Michigan competing with Chicago humidity.

The morning after offers a blank page.

Indeed, after discontent, jealousy, intoxication, shame, insensitive words, and unwelcome pleas, is the morning.  The day is met with apology, sobriety, shame, shrugs, and stoic resolution.

The morning after is new.  A new chance to try again, to do better, to forgive yourself and to seek forgiveness from whomever you offended, disappointed, or frustrated, including yourself.  It is a new chance to demonstrate your skill, ability, passion, determination.  The morning after is the opportunity for affirmation.  Met with an initial jolt of shame as you recount the day and night before, the morning after proceeds with a simple solution: to continue to do and to be.  No matter what, the morning after is progress, continuation, novelty.  Don’t take the morning for granted.  Treat it like the gift that it is.

Wishing you a successful and stylish weekend,