When I considered my month ahead, I realized that I could easily become overwhelmed.  And I decided not to allow that to happen.

Rather than see the obstacle, I choose to accept the opportunity to center myself, care for myself more than normal, and excel. Therefore:

  • I will relax by taking bubble baths at night before bed a few times this month.
  • I will eat breakfast at home without rushing.
  • I will write in my journal before work, and if time allows, while at home.
  • I will sleep without guilt.
  • I will exercise without shame or competition.
  • I will express myself, verbally, emotionally, and stylishly.

Taking these steps, so far, has allowed me to attack tasks, to not become overwhelmed, and to savor my life.  In just the first week of March, I have accomplished a great deal, and I feel motivated to keep it up.

I encourage you to try these lifestyle choices, and to come up with your own, to put forth your best effort to have a successful and stylish month.